Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Save our Mother(Earth)

Dear Readers,
          Peoples talk about Global Warming and how to fight against it,but still 90% people not worried about the results of Global warming can be reduced by planting trees (afforestation).in the above picture my neighbor cut his trees to build his house.those things cant change and awareness for these peoples is useless.I suggest the people of the world that,before cutting  trees plant some seeds in any other place for healthy environment.  

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  1. Our personal action matters. Sell your car, buy your food from local sources, and pressure your governments to act. Be vocal with friends, family, and strangers alike about why you’re making these changes, and what is at stake. By now you know the full effects of climate change. But do you have the courage to make real changes in your life? It’s not too late. You can even help right now.

    Im sure this website will serve as an eye opener!:)


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